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We design genuinely unique gearboxes! Calculating the exact design costs for a completely unique gearbox is neither easy nor algorithmically feasible.
Once the customer’s requirements with precise and sufficiently detailed data have been agreed, begins the predesign of the gearbox, followed by the estimation pricing in design time of the final and complex design work. The project lead time is always longer than the design time, since it includes not only strength calculations but include the time needs of other design steps.
That’s why we always provide an individual quotation for every individual gearbox.
Prices are based on the premium quality of our work we deliver to our customers.

In all design projects, once the quotation has been accepted, the design will only start once 50% of the fee has been paid.

Gearbox design

Editing task (drawing)

Ft 8.000 /hour

Individual design task

Ft 20.000 /hour

Priority design task

Ft 35.000 /hour

Fees for redesign of plans accepted and released for production:

Prices are calculated in accordance with the current Hungarian Chamber of Engineers fees.


Injection molding: based on individual quotation.

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