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Designing gear wheels and gear drives is not just our profession, it is our passion. Our dedication is demonstrated by many , designed, built and still operating gerboxes that have been developed against Swiss, German or even Italian design companies, and by many registered patents.

Just like a single gear can not form a gear drive (only a pair of gears together), only a close coordination of design and manufacturing can achieve major improvements and success. These ideas inspire our daily work to design and manufacture gears and gear drives which integrate both theoretical knowledge and the benefits of constantly evolving manufacturing technology.

In addition to meeting customer expectations, our goal is to design drives that excel through high efficiency, reliability, clean design and economical manufacturing. 

What we provide when hired:

  • Operational reliability through appropriately designed drives, 
  • gear wheels tested for cracking to ensure maximum service life and safety, 
  • carefully designed bearing for each gear wheel and shafts, and the use of rolling or hydrodynamic bearings to ensure optimum and uniform load distribution and lifetime, 
  • mainly cylindrical gear wheel designs with basic, compensated and general straight, helical, double helical or curved toothing, 
  • epicyclic planetary gear designs in a broad range of power values and drive ratios, 
  • a broad range of options for the gear wheels of the designed drives, from tempered, nitridable and case-hardened steels (hardened and ground gear wheels with excellent IT accuracy grades) to polymer gear wheels, 
  • careful toothing optimization during design for a low noise level, 
  • simple designs and shapes wherever possible to ensure ease of assembly and accurate manufacturing, gear wheel engine housings with bearing recesses,
  • testing for the load bearing capacity of tooth surfaces (pitting), complemented with life calculation, 
  • efficiency-optimized gear wheel profiles that decrease wear and operating temperatures, 
  • design documentation, and complete manufacturing documentation where required, 
  • up-to-date knowledge, flexibility and an open mind for novel solutions during design.


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