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About us

Our company

ATAKOMB Ltd. was established on 05.12.1995. In the beginning, the main activity of the family-runed company was the production, processing and sale of plastic (injection moulded) products, since 2014 the company's profile has been expanded. Today the company’s main activity is design focusing mainly on gearboxes. The CEO of the company, formerly Scientific and Technical Director, is an adjunct professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, public member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and provides up-to-date professional expertise, innovation and experience.

Our Team

Dr. Csobán Attila

Dr. Attila Csoban

head of the gearbox design department,
chief engineer

My name is Dr. Attila Csobán, I have been working with gears for 25 years. The world of gear drives has been fascinating me since early 1996. My main focus is on the design of cylindrical gear drives (planetary gears, industrial gears, mobile gearboxes). My research achievements on the theoretical side are verified by several patent registrations, successfully completed R&D projects, nearly 30 scientific papers, and conference presentations from Germany to Italy, Australia and Japan.

My hands-on experience started with transmission rebuilds, adjustment of motorcycle transmissions, and later I was involved in the assembly of self-designed gearboxes. Nowadays I focus on the supervision of installation and maintenance processes.

In my opinion, the mark of a good engineer is someone who is continuously educated both on the theoretical level (knowledge of new design algorithms, software and new computational correlations, models) and on the practical level (up-to-date installation methods, knowledge of manufacturing technology).

2007-2011: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Pattantyús-Ábrahám Géza Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences
Title of my doctoral thesis: “Determining the thermal load capacity of epicyclic planetary gear designs”
2001-2007: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Specializations: Machinery Design and Mechanics
Title of Masters dissertation: “Designing an optimized differential epicyclic planetary gear”
Professional achievements:
2019: University of Technology Outstanding Teacher prize
2014: Patent application (P1400594)
2006: Faculty Students’ Scientific Activity (1st prize)
Faculty Conference on Students’ Scientific Activity 
OTDK Conference, Győr, Hungary
2005: Faculty Conference on Students’ Scientific Activity
2001: Patent applications (P0105256; P0004808)
2000: Patent application (P0002462)
TUDOK2000 (1st National Conference on Students’ Scientific Activity, Monor) 
9th National Youth Scientific and Innovation Contest
8th Exchange of Intellectual Products (exhibitor)

Tibor Csoban

Head of Plastic Products Manufacturing, founding member

I served as a marine engineer, thanks the knowledge and many years of experience I gained as a machinist. During my 15 years at MAHART Marine, I sailed around the world several times. For more than 25 years, I have been in the plastic injection moulding business.

Csobán Tibor

technological solutions

up-to-date knowledge and modern design software.


in the design of premium quality gearbox and gearbox components.

25 years
of experience

in engine design and injection moulding .


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